The Guide Selling System™

B2B “Sales” is Lost

We have lost the client and our approach is broken and tangled.

The GUIDE Selling System ™ is a buyer-centric approach to increase sales and buyer satisfaction

Culture + Systems = Growth™

INTRODUCING THE Guide Selling System™

B2B has lost it’s way. Buyers say salespeople don’t add value and they don’t want to work with sales reps. They would rather go it alone.

However, going it alone is dangerous. They often make the wrong decision. 91.5% of all large project fail to deliver in buget, time or scope. 

Imagine the costs. 

It’s time for a new approach and a new map. The GUIDE Selling System is the first to blend Archetype, Method and Process into a buyer centric system designed to increase revenue and customer loyalty.

It’s a brand new map.

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A new Archetype - The Guide. The Guide has a clear set of standards, skills, and operating principles by which you comport yourself, which are unwavering. The Guide provides insulation against the desperate desire to sell, to settle, and perhaps behave in a way that would be untoward.

By adopting the Guide archetype and methodology, you protect against that, elevating the integrity of the role and situation, thereby increasing trust. The heart of complex sales is the buyer/seller relationship. A “seller” is always needy and driven to do whatever it takes to “sell” something. This is exactly what broke the buyer relationship. Trust is broken. Value is broken. The relationship is lost.

A Guide is concerned with the client’s safety. The safe arrival to their destination. This means, shorter sales cycles. Your team won’t chase bad deals.

There is There's not a series of processes. The guide selling system helps you untangle the sales knots. There are eight components that need to be addressed to build an effective sales system.


Your methodology should reflect your company culture. How you sell should reflect your values. The GUIDE methodology weaves sales best practices with your culture and strategy to delivery an approach uniquely your own. Why would you want to trust your growth to anything less?


Your sales process is the main engine for sales growth. It is the one spot where everything comes together. Most sales trainings fail becuase they are never woven into the sales teams daily activities. The managers don’t coach them and leadership doesn’t understand them. Using the GUIDE Sales process changes this. Your team will work in the system daily and their skills will improve.


Lack of a customized milestone-driven sales process

Wasted or no sales training (Ebinhaus effect)

No sales coaching

The GUIDE Selling System combines process and methodology to improve adoption. It is easy to understand and uses conversational language to remove traditional barriers. The sales process is customizable to your business, and the methodology is yours. This innovation solves two of the most significant issues facing sales teams.

Sales coaching is more accessible because the methodology and process are combined. Your deal coaching becomes sales coaching, increasing the effectiveness.

The steps are intuitive and evident by the process names.

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It's time to rehumanize the sales conversation. Modern buyers want value from the interaction – so we should meet them as humans—equal business stature and transparent and clear communication. No tricks or gimmicks. A business conversation between two people to determine if there is sufficient reason to solve a problem together. It is personal and social.


Buyers want to be heard and seen. It is a personal experience. The who, what, and why of their situation. What is at stake? Where do they want to go? What do they want to do? What is their current position? Why do they need to change? What happens if they don't?


Help the client understand the impact of their obstacle or problem plaguing them. There are financial, emotional, and technical costs associated with every issue. What is the cost of doing nothing?


How do they make decisions? The who, what, where, when, and why of how they move forward? We are guiding them; to do so, we need to understand how their organization makes decisions.


We should eliminate close from the sales language. Do you start a new relationship by closing the door? New client relationships open with a decision to work together; they don't close. It's time to elevate the customer and bring them over the problem.


Imagine a future where your sales process runs seamlessly, bringing in consistent revenue and happy clients. With the right strategy, coaching, and team in place, this future can be yours.