Sales in a "knot?"


Find out why.

Untie My "Knots"

What is a sales "knot?"

Sales Knot (noun): A complex interweaving of actions or inactions within a system or organizational culture that hinders the attainment of revenue objectives.

Slang (noun): The state or act of not selling, characterized by a failure to generate sales or revenue.


Common sales "knot" examples:

  • Not hiring and retaining the sales talent you need
  • Not winning your fair share.
  • Not delivering reliable revenue.
  • Not providing tools that help
  • Not creating a consistent pipeline.
  • Not growing in your current client base.
  • Not running a positive collaborative culture.



Untie My "Knots"

Sales Hiring

Is there any other role in your company that deals with rejection daily? Salespeople do, and they are different. You need a different hiring process to build a successful sales team. You start with your culture and the work to be done. We will help you build a repeatable process to find the right person for your clients and your team. 

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Sales Training

We lose what we don't use. Or, you've probably heard, "Sales Training doesn't work." The problem is "not" the sales training. The problem is that sales training is "not" part of your daily plan.

I've read dozens of books and hundreds of articles and spent thousands on sales training during my career. The breakthrough came when I incorporated training (methodology) into my daily practice.

Imagine integrating a customized sales methodology (the training) into your sales team's daily systems and workflow. Your team's skill adoption and customer satisfaction increase with a customized method tailored to your business.

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Level Up Your Sales Culture

Blue SalesFly blog explores new ideas for improving sales culture, creativity, and mindset.

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