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Does the Sales Prevention Department lead our client experience?

Nov 08, 2022

It seems like the pandemic caused people to place more value on their time. Even visiting favorite restaurants were affected. The question soon became, "Do we want to eat in or order takeout?" 

What does this mean for sales professionals? What type of value are we bringing to the conversation? Can our prospects or clients solve their problems just as well without us?

I always try to support my local businesses first. But how far does that extend? If my local store doesn't have it in stock or makes it a hassle, how much leeway do I give? What value are they providing to maintain the local customer?

The convenience businesses exploded during the lockdown and conditioned people to expect results in new ways. How are you changing your client and prospect interactions to reflect these changes?

We must begin thinking about their value first. Be truly client-centric. 

Our R&D and marketing need to focus on improving outcomes for our client's businesses and making it easier to do business with us. 

A few ideas:

  1. What blind spots do we know exist in our client's business?
  2. What common errors do we see that are tangential to our offer?
  3. Have we optimized our onboarding to maximize their time and value?
  4. Can we reduce steps or streamline without sacrificing value?
  5. What can we add to improve client value or knowledge?

What did I miss?

Are you seeing the same thing?