The Guide Selling System™


I was recently promoted and struggling. I had to hire four new salespeople, including backfilling my role and hit a huge number. Though I had successfully built territories in competitive markets, I didn't know where to begin.


How was I going to find people who could sell? How was I going to train them in the markets? How could I get everyone pulling in the same direction?


A conversation with my wife about art was the catalyst. She was teaching me about the process of learning to draw, with lines to forms and shadow to light. It was a process. The light bulb went on, and I began researching the sales process.


The sales profession is challenging because it deals with people and emotions. Multiple issues are at play during conversations, so you must start with a process. I built my first sales process for my team. The 1.5B dollar company I worked for didn't have a formal sales process. Starting with the process, I went on to hire quota-busting sales reps and consistently exceeded our annual goals.


I learned that the sales process is a critical component of something even more important—your organization's culture. Your sales process and methodology are the vehicles to build a performance culture.  Let's get started building your high-performance sales culture.

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